Followers Manager: Reports

Followers Manager is a follower analyzer tool that manages your followers on Instagram on a daily basis

Who Looked at Your Profile?

Who looked at your profile? There are tons of apps showing random accounts as your profile viewers but we created a new algorithm so Followers Manager catches real profile viewers. We can't catch all of them as it is impossible but we catch most of the profile viewers with our advanced algorithm.

Who blocked you on Instagram?

We scan all of your lists and check them one by one if they blocked you or not. If you do it manually, it would take hours to find these blockers. But with Followers Manager, it will only take 5 seconds!

Ghost Followers

Who is following you but never liked any of your photos? We catch them and show all of them in a list. We also find people you are following, but they never liked any of your photos. You can even unfollow all of these by clicking unfollow button on Followers Manager app.

Secret Admirers

Some people looked at your stories but they don't follow you. Or some people likes your photos but they don't follow you. They admire you but secretly. We scan your all lists and find these people. You can see them in a list on Followers Manager app.

Advanced Story Insights

You share lots of stories but don't have any clue how they perform? We scan all your story statistics and interpret them in a meaningful way. After looking at most followers apps on the store, Followers Manager shows the most advanced Story insights on the store.

Accounts Graphs

How is your followers doing in the last 3 months or 6 months? You will find 5 different graphs about your Instagram account since start using Followers Manager. Would not it be cool to see your number of followers over the last year or number of likes you had?

Secret Story Viewer

You want to look other people's stories but don't want them to see you. With Secret Story Viewer in Followers Manager app, you will be able to watch their stories but they will never know you watched it. You won't appear their story viewers list.

Any Users' Statistics

You can take a look at other people statistics for example, who liked the most this users' photos or who is not following back this user or who is following this user but never liked any photos of this user etc.